Shared Hosting

Exactly what is shared Web Hosting?

You share your web site content with somebody? This is the initial presumption when one sees the name, but no. Your website content is completely protected in a separate website hosting account, it’s just that your website hosting account is on a shared hosting web server where other users are also hosted. This allows your web hosting plans provider to offer you a lower price without actually reducing the quality of the hosting service, since each account can use a certain quantity of system resources on the web hosting server.

Picking Your Shared Web Hosting Solutions Provider

When looking for a web hosting service, though, you must not look solely at the price. Examine whether your would-be provider performs everyday backups, access to a web hosting Control Panel tool and details about the datacenter facilities. Is 24x7x365 customer service being offered? Check the response times if there is a live chat or a telephone support service, see how your inquiries are being responded to, and you will be able to determine whether they are professionals or if they merely want to earn cash quickly and easily. The availability of a 24x7x365 tech support service is extremely important, because it signifies that there is always somebody supervising all the services and that if a problem shows up, it will be immediately resolved.

Don’t Be Lazy!

This seems like an awful lot of work! Even if you are seeking a more affordably priced hosting solution, that does not suggest that it has to be low quality. We, at Internet Business Services by Jon Knight have datacenter facilities on 3 continents! In Europe, Australia and the US – with comprehensive descriptions of the datacenters on our website and with images of both the exterior and interior of the datacenters. Our live chat support team is very knowledgeable and polite, answering all inquiries without any deferment and invariably in an intelligible manner. We offer 24/7 technical support via our helpdesk trouble ticket support system incorporated into the hosting Control Panel software tool.

We also offer much more than our competitors with our web hosting solutions – an inexpensive domain name registration, both monthly and annual billing options, a free-of-charge PHP-driven script installer, a free-of-cost online site builder and electronic mail services. Managing your web site files, databases, domain names and e-mailboxes is much easier than with any other web hosting CP software tool.